What is PREP?


  • Explore Science Five weeks of experiments to teach the Scientific Method.  Fun with Pop Rocks, Dry Ice Experience, The Smell Test, Elephant Toothpaste, and the Splatt Experiment are just some of the fun things we will do during this class.
    Ages 1st –3rd   and  3rd -  6th           
                                                    $50 per student (five week class, 1 class per week)​
  • Kindergarten - 1st Grade Spanish Learn basic Spanish vocabulary in this lively class.  We teach simple Spanish words through playing fun and active games.  We will focus on simple vocab, colors, numbers, animals, and polite greetings.  We will end the session with a Fiesta!!                                                        Ages K – 1st                                                                              $45 per student  (five week class, 1 class per week)
  • Animal Adventure Come explore the world of animals!   We will learn about animal safety, have an animal scavenger hunt, make pet rocks, meet some animals friends, and even have a pet show and tell!                                                                          Ages K – 3rd                                                                            $45 per student  (Five week class, 1 class per week)            
  • Fused Glass Workshops This two hour workshop will introduce you to the exciting world of fused glass.  Make 2 – 3 projects that will be fired after class and delivered to you the next week.  Night Lights, Coasters, Jewelry, Bugs, Magnets, and Wind Chimes, are just a few of the things you can choose to make in this fun filled class.  Let your creative side shine and join us!
    Ages 3rd – 6th grade                                                                      $40 per student  (one 2 hour workshop)
  • Go Green Environmental Class Come learn how to “Be Green”.  We will be making solar powered ovens, designing our own reusable shopping bags, tasting edible compost, running in the recycling relay and cleaning up our neighborhood!
    Ages K – 3rd  and  Ages 4th – 6th                                             $45 per student  (Five week class, 1 class per week)

  • Explore Ag! (Agricultural Class)  Learn about the origins of the foods we eat each day, meet a farmer (and some animals), spin your own yarn, see if you are stronger than an egg, play parts of the plant twister, make edible compost and much more!!
    Ages K – 3rd and 4th – 6th                                                        $45 per student   (Five week class, 1 class per week)

  • Photography Join us for a Photo Adventure!  Learn the basics of photography composition.  In this class we will be experiencing photography by focusing on different categories each week, then we will end the session with a photo contest, judged by professional photographers in the area.  Students will need to bring a digital camera if they have access to one – if not, a camera may be provided.
    Ages K – 2nd   and    Ages 3rd – 6th                                           $85 per student  (Five week class, 1 class per week)

  • Sewing Come join the fun!  We will concentrate heavily on threading the machine, knowing the parts of the machine, basic sewing rules, sewing straight lines on paper, lining up the fabric in the correct place, and reinforcing (going backwards).  AND - We will complete two simple projects over the five week session. Included in the cost; are all materials for each project, the use of sewing machines, as well as, complete instruction.
    Ages 3rd – 6th                                                                              $130 per student (Five Week class, 1 day per week)

  • American Sign Language- Brand new this year! Learn the basics, Alphabet, Numbers, Common Phrases, and Basic Vocabulary and Grammar.  This includes Facial Expression and Hand Shape and Movement.  ​                                                                 Ages 3rd - 6th       $45 per student (Five Week class, 1 day per week)                                                           

Helpful LInks

PRemier Educational Programs (PREP) was started in 2007 in Clear Creek County when we realized there was a need for enrichment education in our schools.  It has since expanded to include Jefferson, Douglas, and Denver Counties.

We offer:

After School Enrichment Classes,

In School Programs,

and Area Science Fairs.

We believe that Experiential Education is key to learning and that kids should have fun while exploring new classes.  We call it 'Sneaky Teaching'.  All of our classes are so much fun, that the students don't even realize they are learning!  


Check out all theCLASSESwe offer - and if your school isn't yet participating, pleaseCONTACT US and we can get you set up.

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